Corinne & Mark


Banff, Alberta

Wedding Party


  • Bridesmaids

    Chrissy Belen

    Maid of Honour? It's a no brainer! My roomie since birth knows me and Mark like the back of her hand. She keeps me sane as we get closer to the big day, and I have faith in her that things will fall into place, while I soak in the hot tub sipping on my sparkling drink. When you're able to entrust your wedding to one person (other than your wedding planner ofcourse), it only means this person is worth a thousand friends. My sister definitely is.

    I can't wait for her to do my hair on my wedding day. It will be special!

    Follow my hairstylist/sister on IG: chrissydcaveda (She is a hairstylist by profession guys!)

  • Bridesmaids

    Raisa Brownlow

    They say that your highschool friends are your partners FOR LIFE. This couldn't be any truer. Our friendship dates back to when I first had my period, was wearing baby bra, and had braces. We gave each other a long "testi" on Friendster (maybe weekly) and went to the mall for "studio pix". That's how ancient our friendship is. A decade and a half later, we are each other's bridesmaid at our weddings!

    Follow her fashion blogging on IG: raibrownlow

  • Bridesmaids

    Chanel Dimailig

    I didn't even ask this gal to be my bridesmaid because her and I have always known since the beginning what her role will be at my wedding. Words are not necessary to keep our friendship going. Even when it takes her 10 business days to respond to a simple question sometimes, when we do chat, it's as if we're right beside each other. That's how oddly connected our minds are, and it freaks me out sometimes.

    If you eat or drink too much at our wedding and somehow end up with messed up intestines, go see Dr. Chanel Dimailig. She practices Internal Medicine.


  • Groomsmen

    Michael Dacanay

    My brother, my Bestman. 

    Back when we were kids Mike and I fought a lot. I swear we were each other's nemesis! But as we both got older and turned into mature men, we've learned to appreciate and love each other more. Suffice to say when it came time to deciding who my bestman was going to be, it was my my younger brother that sprung to mind. 

    *This photo was taken more than 5 years ago when we were in Japan. Just kidding! We both dream of visiting Japan someday and unsurprisingly we both love its culture (especially food). 

  • Groomsmen

    Jolo Tumambing

    From the moment we were first introduced, I knew I'd get along well with Jolo. I've only known him for a few years but could honestly say he's one of the very few people I can relate with and vice versa. I'm honoured to have him as one of my groomsmen! 

  • Groomsmen

    Bogdan Miron

    Shame we don't have a photo together, but Bogdan and I have, through the years, earned respect from each other. The hubby of our youngest sister Joyce, Bogdan has done nothing but love and care for my sister and their cute-as toddler Xzavier! I am honoured to have him be a part of my entourage.

Our Wedding Day!