Corinne & Mark


Banff, Alberta

Our Story

  • The Gist

    Our love story began in 2006 when we met at a school concert through a common friend. A few weeks later, we were prom dates! But all that young, butterflies-in-stomach feeling did not last long. From being sweet on prom night, to angry text messaging the next morning, it was a complete turnaround in a matter of hours. Despite this, we remained friends.

    We kept in touch with each other albeit minimally when Mark’s family moved to New Zealand in 2007, never really expecting our relationship to go beyond simple friendship. However, we were proven wrong when we met again in 2010 while Mark was on holiday in the Philippines. Somehow, someway, that puppy love we felt years prior survived and had by then blossomed into something more serious. Though we were aware of the numerous challenges that we were going to face, we decided to give it a shot thinking we had nothing to lose anyway.

    And so began five tumultuous, sleep-depriving, faith-testing years of long distance set up, working around three different timezones. While we have done our absolute best to keep the fire burning, being physically apart from each other for most of the time had its limitations and we both knew that if were to take this relationship to the next level, at some point we would have to be closer. In 2015 that dream turned into reality when we finally found ourselves in Canada and a few years after here we are, a couple for 8 years and about to get hitched!  

    Our love story, though challenging, has been a fun and exciting journey. From dumping each other in our puberty years, committing to weekend Skype sessions, sending birthday parcels during our long distance years, to now sitting down at the table together and planning our upcoming wedding. We just can’t believe we’ve made it this far.

    So if you are reading this, then you are cordially invited to witness the start of a new chapter of our lives and to be part of #DACANAYdianwedding!


    See you soon! 

    Corinne & Mark

Our Wedding Day!